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A kindred lover never forgotten

32b x 26 x 32  ♥  5 feet 7 inches tall ♥ 120 pounds

Welcome, my almost lover! To my discrete dwelling on the web. If you are new to my private world, allow yourself the pleasure of getting to know me a bit. Or, if we have met previously, sit back, relax and view my sexy photos and alluring words while imagining how our next engagement will unfold. 

I am Trinity Amoretti, your exotic escape from reality and evening girlfriend of leisure. My qualities are rare nowadays. I am warm, modest, understanding and most of all, genuinely compassionate. I have been described as a beautiful young woman with an old soul and knowledge of life far beyond my years.

I look for a true connection with another individual in which we create an everlasting friendship while exploring our dreams together. Maybe that’s why I love my lifestyle as a companion of leisure. Let’s embrace our inner energies and embody romantic thoughts of sensuality only obtained by satisfying yourself in mind, body and soul.

Dreams are beyond value so don’t allow them to go to waste. Allow time to drift away while we explore new romance. No rush. Just sweet touches, soft whispers, you and I.

Sinfully yours,

Trinity is a girl next door spinner. I’ve seen her a few times now, and every time is better than the last. We met at her hotel, and chatted like old friend. After catching up like old friends, the fun began. VIPs read on, non Vips, go see her and you won’t be disappointed.

Trinity has an alter ego on Humaniplex, where she goes by the handle ‘Tasty German Treat’. Still the same smart, chill, ‘still waters run deep’ girl that has found so much approval in her profession. Refreshingly (at least for me) she’s not shallow, covered in makeup, giggly, or out of her depth; a Real Woman to be enjoyed on her own unvarnished terms, which I particularly enjoy. She’s the college girlfriend you wish you had back when!